Saturday, October 13, 2012

English Bulldog

Bulldogs have been used to fight in the past but now they are friendly companion dogs for adults and children alike. Three of the most popular kinds of bulldogs are the American bulldog, French bulldog and the English bulldog.
Origin/History of English bulldog
The English bulldog was originated in the British Isles, a descendant from the ancient Asiatic Isles. It has short legs and wide, medium sized body. Although its appearance can be intimidating, yet it is one of the gentlest dogs. It has been so popular since 1800 as an excellent and devoted pet.
It is chosen as a symbol of a nation and chosen as an emblem by organizations by some individuals worldwide. The original purpose in breeding this animal is to help butchers in controlling violent and unruly oxen and to act as guard dog during hunting while showing its tough looking appearance. The name Bulldog comes from the word "Bull" because of its use in "Bull Bating" and that resembles a little bull too. This breed was very popular among noblemen and royalty.
English bulldog has a big head and a short snout. Because of its low energy, this dog enjoys lounging around the house in the company of the human family that makes it an admirable and a lovable pet especially with children. Due to its placid nature, bulldog can tolerate being prodded by children without being annoyed. It is described as affectionate and very dependable animal. Developing a relationship with a bulldog is easy due to its adaptable and loyal nature. It is a dog breed of extreme excellence despite of its stubborn nature due to its very docile characteristic.
This breed loves to chew on anything so it is advisable to provide the breed with chew toys to prevent destruction. It is very difficult to train bulldogs due to its lazy nature and stubbornness despite of its intelligence. The character and personality of this kind of breed is misunderstood by many people.

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