Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Olde English Bulldog Fact, Fiction Or Ancient History

What is the Olde English Bulldog? Is it even a breed? It is said that the Olde English Bulldogge of today is as a re-creation of a Bull-baiting type dog that existed in England during the 13th century. It was an English Gentleman by the name of William, Earl of Warren who introduced the sport of Bull baiting in the year 1209 at an annual Pre-Christmas Festival after witnessing a group of the butchers' dogs pursuing a raging bull clean trough the town. The pure determination of these dogs amazed the Earl he declared it a yearly event! The bulldog was bred to attack a bull by grabbing its nose and not letting go, it was written in history that people of this time believed that the meat of the bull was tastier if the animal had been baited before it was butchered. Some people found this most entertaining and it is because of this cruel spectator sport that the bulldog was originated. This tenacious breed was known by many names, such as Oldie Bulldog, Olde Tyme Bulldog, Pit-bulldog and even the Olde English Bulldog term was used. There were many other names used depending on owner, breeder, area and time era they lived in. After the sport of Baiting was outlawed in 1835 the breed may have been extinct, but the Bulldog had many admirers. The ferocity has been bred out of the bulldog after years of selective breeding. The original athletic bulldog was crossed with dogs like the Pug to alter the attitude to make him easier to manage by new owners. The bulldog's appearance had also been drastically changed to fit the mold of the modern day Show Ring. The original look of the bulldog has changed so much that the breed is almost unrecognizable. With these changes come great health issues.
The Olde English Bulldog is like no other! Different types of this rare breed were being developed in the late 1960's to the early 1970's by individuals like Greg Hermes, The Wilkinson's, David Leavitt and others. These like minded bull breed fanciers were focused on re-creation of the 18th century Working type Bulldog. This recreation is very alert, friendly, courageous, and loyal breed. They make very good family guardians because of their intelligence and trainability. Some say that this recreation has the appearance of a Gladiator with their thick body, broad chest and massive head, with the Courage to match! Because of these fine qualities the breed has derived a very large and loyal following. This new breed is now a very healthy, active breed that can do any thing asked of him or her. On average the life span of a Bulldog is over eleven years. Thanks to the select group of breeders that stayed true to there goal they are now producing Bulldogs that are superior to its counter part! It is now up to the future generation of breeders to produce a Bulldog with only the best health and temperament! I think that the Olde English Bulldog has a very bright future and the rest is History.

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