Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Prose Poem Treatise To Christ

The Holy Spirit, whose grace knows no bounds, gives freely of its knowledge to any mind and heart that will believe and love Him and His only begotten Son, Whom He gave to us, that we might be saved. The knowledge and wisdom given through the spirit gives true sight to the closed eye of the mind, and gives true hearing to the deaf ear of the heart. In this new infusion of life and spirit, a whole life is transformed and given new meaning. God gives to us new life, out of His boundless love for us. God gives to us wonderful new dreams to live out. Such a joy it is to work for the Lord!
That is not to say it will be any easier; there will always be struggles while we are in this world. Yet, we must remember that God has put us here to teach and chastise us, as any good father would. We must remain steadfast in our faith in and love for God and one another, as we rely on God to help us, and do according to His will.
Indeed, there are many things that a believer has to go through to succeed in this world. Fortunately, all we have to do to succeed in Heaven is believe and love. It's a sad, bitter fact that the world does not, and can not, boast such a thing, for the world is given to human nature, to the weakness of the flesh. This weakness is the beginning of our problems, as temptation and cruel emotions are often hard to resist acting upon.
Truly, those who listen only to the flesh are foolish and ignorant. There are many temptations hurled upon it by the forces of evil, the dark beings in constant spiritual war with the forces of good, to gain way into your soul. Since almost the Beginning, it has been such ignorance that has caused unending strife for the believers and the workers of the faith. Too many times, people envy, fear, even hate what is different from them, or what they do not understand.
The most notable example of this, of course, was the life of Christ, God's only Son. Any worldly-minded person would look down upon His life, calling it poor and without much means. Yes, Christ was born in a manger, but of what use is such a fact in determining a man's worth, especially a man such as Jesus? Jesus was neither poor, nor without means, for God always provided all He needed to fulfill His task. He would provide for us as well if we would have faith, and be willing to put in time and effort.
Nonetheless, it was even His own people that crucified Him upon the cross. Yet, Jesus touched more lives than any other man could ever hope to. In life, Jesus worked many great miracles, and healed many people. Any lost person willing to open their hearts was won over by His beautiful messages about God's boundless grace and love. In death, Jesus gave Himself for us, that we might live. Yes, there is unending beauty in not only God's Word, but also His acts of love. It is the example of Christ that we should always look up to and try to live up to.

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