Sunday, November 4, 2012

Onika Pascal - Poetry and Prose Writing at Its Finest

In her poetry and prose book titled, "Bardvillian Symphonies," Onika Pascal reveals how the life of one individual can come as a revelation to the unitiated reader and bring joy to the poetry enthusiast. The practical style of the poems is very pleasing to the eyes and allows each reader to actually feel what each line is expressing to them. Within each poem you will find the design and structure very easy to read. Her innovative style of writing also makes the poems very interesting and inspiring.
Beginning with the first poem in this excellent book, "Listening To God, 1985," with such words as, "I'd listen to Him the way I listened to him back in 1985. Like a child," set the stage for a refreshing and an encouraging read. Here she presents to us how important the power of prayer is and that calling upon God can be done by just listening to the humming of voices that surround you.
Another great poem is, "Half Past Noon." This is also an enchanting and touching poem to read. Pascal says, "When buckets of rain poured from God's well at half past noon on any given day...Our waterfall laid dab smack in the middle of Heavens Triangle." Imagine the rain coming down upon you like a waterfall from Heaven. Speaking to the mind, body, and soul; can you imagine the purifying feeling that accompanies that?
In her poem "Proud Girl", she speaks to women of all race, creeds and colors. Her message is to empower women and to show each and every one of us the true meaning of womanhood. In her poem, "Tongues of Women 1825," she dives much deeper into the aspect of courage of women in a particular time in history. She speaks soundly of the power of women in the lines, "Please forgive the gibberish that rolls off my tongue, for I know not the law of silence, but have the strength to pull rain out the sky to wipe my eyes."
In her titled poem, "Bardvillian Symphonies," she shows her humbleness and expresses to the world her desires for giving and receiving love. Throughout the lines of this spectacular poem, you will find yourself thinking of how important it is to have love in your life and having that special someone to grow old with. The stanza that reads, "With you I can count all the stars in the sky, use the clouds to create a path to bring God down from Heaven, to bless our love to live until he call us home." Who wouldn't want to have a love so strong with another that it is blessed and protected by God? This is a very touching poem. A poem all poetry lovers will surely appreciate and enjoy.
Onika Pascal is a writer that any avid poetry lover or would-be poetry lover will enjoy reading the works of. With stories that connect to your conscience and allow you to feel exactly what she was feeling in the moment of the stories. If you are not already a fan of Pascal's work you are sure to be once you've put this book down. This is a must-have for your literary and poetic collection.

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