Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bed Bugs Reproduction - Multiplying The Clan, For Bad!

Bed bugs are ruddy brown, tiny, flat and oval-shaped insect without wings which at night feast on human blood. Bed bugs are deemed to be night-time insects as they are mainly active at midnight.
Bed bugs are dispersing very rapidly in houses, motels, inns, buses, taxis and railway stations. You now speculate as to how many eggs the bed bugs can lie as they are spreading very quickly
Bed bugs are similar to other insects in that they reproduce very fast. And they lay many eggs too. You may now inquire, bed bugs lay how many eggs??
Bed bugs suck human blood. Several types of bed bugs feed both on humans and bats. Therefore if there are bats in your attic a possibility that your abode is infected with bugs is there. If you your attic are cured of bats occupancy, you can afterward effortlessly deal with the bed bugs invasion.
Bed bugs hatch from eggs. After hatching from the eggs they develop into nymphs
How many eggs are laid by bed bugs? In a year the feminine bed bug lays a minimum 300 (three hundred) eggs and 1000 (thousand) eggs during its lifespan. After mating it lays in a day a maximum of three eggs. In around ten days the eggs of bed bugs are hatched.
The life of a bed bug is lengthy. Bed bugs might also live eighteen months without eating. Picture that! Eggs of Bed bug can endure on any surface, but prefer paper, wood or cloth more than metals and plastics, whereas the nymphs can survive without feeding for nearly six months
Which are the probable spaces for female bed bug to lay the eggs? The Bed bugs will lay its eggs in tiny and slight cracks to guard the eggs from damage. Female bed bugs conceal the eggs under the beddings, on crevices in the headboard, beneath the crease in the nightstand next to the bed, within the other wooden furnishings and bedroom wallpaper in the vicinity.
The number of eggs laid by the bed bug determines the rate of invasion. A bed bug ridden mattress full of its eggs implies hundred's of bed bugs are everywhere laying eggs, and they are being hatched daily
But if we destroy the bed bugs, the eggs of bed bugs also should be destroyed. If you leave the eggs unharmed, they can hatch and grow into either a male or female bed bug which can produce a thousand eggs. If there are more than a thousand female bed bugs there in your house, you will not know further how many eggs bed bugs can lay.

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