Sunday, September 30, 2012

Leopard Gecko Morphs Are Becoming Quite Popular!

Leopard geckos are very interesting animals which make fascinating pets. While leopard geckos generally have a yellow coloring with black spots, they have been bred to exhibit a wide variety of different patterns and colors. Some gecko breeders have managed to breed some very unique specimens indeed.
Before we go too much further, there are a couple of terms which should be explained. These terms are color, pattern and morph (also called phase). Color is the basic color of the gecko's skin, while pattern refers to the arrangement of the spots (or in some cases, stripes) which the animal has. Morph is a general term which refers to all of the traits which the animal has been selectively bred for.
If you're looking for a pet gecko, you should choose one whose appearance you find to be attractive. There are a lot of different morphs out there, so you can find a gecko which appeals to your tastes, no matter what they may be. The morphs which follow are some of the more popular phases of leopard gecko.
-Blizzard: The blizzard is a patternless morph. Colors of these geckos may be yellow (banana blizzard), brown, purple, black, white and the rare midnight blizzard, which is a blue-black gecko. The eyes of these geckos may be blue or black.
-Jungle Leopard: These geckos have been specially bred to feature stripes. There is a lot of variation in this morph, including some very unique individual geckos. Jungle geckos may be of the "bandit" or "four eyed" variety.
- Bandit-style geckos have a thick dark band which runs across its nose and around its eyes, giving it the appearance of a cartoonish bandit. The four-eyed variant of gecko is distinguished by the two white spots (often with a black dot in the center) over its eyes.
-Wild: This is the natural pattern of wild geckos. These leopard geckos have dark bands across their bodies and three or four dark rings on their tails as well. They also have dark spots on the head and body, sometimes mixed with tan and off-white colors.
-Albino/Amelanistic: As you'd expect, albino geckos are a cream color with pink eyes. These lizards are prized for their unique appearance. Patternless albino geckos are also available, these specimens are referred to as Amelanistic.

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