Sunday, September 30, 2012

Switching To Night Shift - The Painless Way

What are some things to consider before you give your cute little kitty it's name? Does he/she sleep in a certain way, does it play hard? Is it a finicky eater or does it gobble it's food? What about naming it for it's land of origin or it's breed? Good names can come from these clues. Does your pet have an unusual color? What about it's markings? Maybe you have a kitten that's all white except for a huge black spot on the underside of it's neck, you could name it Spot, a traditional name for a dog. Or Skunk could be a name for a pet who is all black except for a white streak between it's ears. The kitten might have four perfect little white "socks" on it's paws, so you call it "K.P." which stands for "kitten paws" instead of calling it "Socks". Prissy is a good name for a cat that is finicky about eating or who has to lick its fur every time you touch it. If your kitten is all black except for one white toe, name it "Toe". The ways to get names for your pet are endless. These are just a few.
Unique Cat Names
A good place to get some good names is from cartoon characters. Maybe Pebbles or Bam-Bam, Bambi or Flower, Mickey or Minnie or Popeye and Whimpy. Maybe your favorite movie is E.T. so you could call your cat Elliot. A Persian you could call Smush or Smash because of its smashed nose, or maybe Nosie. You can find names that are from different origins, such as Latin or Greek, Polish or Hebrew names. Or you can find them by meaning - Tom means twin, and Carma is garden.
Popular Cat Names
Murphy, Bo and Rocky are popular names for male cats, as are Molly, Missy and Lucy popular names for female cats. Midnight or Shadow for a black cat. Smoky for a gray cat. You can find names for the cats breed such as Bali  or Sam (Siam) for Siamese.
Good Female Cat Names
Is your cat pretty? Name her Jolie or Bonita. Is your favorite dessert a cookie? Then that's a good name. Your cat is sly and she likes to sneak up on you, name her Foxie. You love tennis and the Williams sisters, how does Venus sound for a cat's name?
Good Male Cat Names
If your cat purrs very loud, you might think he's a musical cat so you could call him Elvis. Or maybe Buddy, after the rock and roll legend, Buddy Holly. You could call him Logan, because that means small. Or monster if he's big. If your cat bosses you around, you might call him King or Prince.

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